Martin John Callanan

Berlin Art Prize 2016, Nov 11 – Dec 10

9 November 2016

Berlin Art Prize 2016 is presenting the its final nominees in a group exhibition at Berlin’s Kühlhaus, opening November 11 and running to December 10.

The award, which was launched in 2013, is unique in its approach in that it works on an anonymous submission basis, where previous education and exhibition history are irrelevant. This year’s nominees include Martin John Callanan, Regina de Miguel, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Lindsay Lawson, Lotte Meret, Benedikt Partenheimer, Aurora Sander, Raul WalchLauryn Youden.

Different from other years, the award ceremony will take place on the closing night on December 10. The winner is chosen by a jury of five, and this year it includes art critics Karen Archey and Kito Nedo, and artists Emeka OgbohAhmet Öğüt and Susanne M. Winterling.

See the Berlin Art Prize website for details.**


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Berlin Art Prize nominees announced

27 October 2016

The nine nominees for the Berlin Art Prize have been announced as of October 23.

Selected from over 600 Berlin-based applicants through a multi-stage process, the following artists will take part in an exhibition covering sculpture, installation, photography, performance and conceptual art, opening November 11:

Lindsay Lawson, Martin John Callanan, Regina de Miguel, Stine Marie JacobsenLotte Meret, Benedikt Partenheimer, Raul Walch, Lauryn YoudenAurora Sander

Three of those mentioned will receive the independent award — which includes a trophy created for the occasion by Berlin-based artist Tomás Saraceno, prize money and a four-week residency in Georgia beginning March 2017 — to be announced at Kühlhaus Berlin on December 10.

The Jury includes curator and art critic Karen Archey, art critic Kito Nedo and artists Emeka Ogboh, Susanne M. Winterling and Ahmet Öğüt.

See the Berlin Art Prize website for details.**

Lindsay Lawson, ‘The Smiling Rock’ (currently in production) feature film., Ccourtesy the artist and Gillmeier Rech, Berlin.
Lindsay Lawson, ‘The Smiling Rock’ (currently in production) feature film. Courtesy the artist and Gillmeier Rech, Berlin.
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Whitstable Biennale, May 31 – Jun 15

22 May 2014

The UK’s Whitstable Biennale will be taking place from May 31 to June 15.

The biennial festival celebrates new visual art, film, and performance and has grown well outside of Whitstable’s art community, garnering an international reputation for up-and-coming artists and rich programmes.

The festival will feature the work of Martin John Callanan, Hannah Lees, Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski, Louisa Martin, Rachel Reupke, and Katrina Palmer among others.

See the Whitstable Biennale website for details. **

Mark Aerial Waller. Image courtesy Whitstable Biennale.
Mark Aerial Waller. Image courtesy Whitstable Biennale.
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A Planetary Order @ Christian Ehrentraut, Jan 10 – Feb 15

10 January 2014

Three artists, Martin John CallananRebecca Partridge and Katie Paterson present A Planetary Order at galerie Christian Ehrentraut in Berlin, running January 10 to February 15.

Exploring “meta-narratives of time, landscape and systematic abstraction” the group exhibition incorporates hybridised approaches to painting, sculpture and new media in order to critically engage with the contemporary metaphysical. That’s not only a continuation of Callanan’s preoccupation with international organisations and authorities but the exhibition itself is named after his 3D globe ‘A Planetary Order (Terrestrial Cloud Globe)‘ as a ‘physical visualisation of real-time scientific data’, and presented in juxtaposition with Partridge and Paterson’s equally unique and playful approaches to global subjectivities.

See the Christian Ehrentraut website for details. **

Katie Paterson, 'As the world turns'
Katie Paterson, ‘As the world turns
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