Shu Lea Cheang @ White Building, Sep 2

, 30 August 2013

Artist, conceptualist, filmmaker, and pioneer Shu Lea Cheang is in London for a joint exhibition with Mark Amerika at Furtherfield Gallery. She’ll also be taking time out to talk Art, Queer Technologies and Social Interference in conversation with curator and writer, Omar Kholeif at the White Building in East London, September 2.

As an artist and media activist concerned with shifting notions and representations of gender, her interactive installations and performances function within sci-fi narratives and film scenarios. Among the endless credits one of Shu Lea’s better-known works is BRANDON, a project exploring gender fusion and techno-body in public and cyber space, commissioned by the Guggenheim in 1998 and a first by them for the web.

See the White Building website for more details. **