Death Grips – ‘Lock Your Doors (No Hands 6)’ video.

, 21 March 2013

Net nihilists Death Grips love to cause a commotion. If it isn’t splitting from their label in a most spectacular fashion by dropping an album before its official release date, then its providing raw aural assault with the message that ‘no, it’s not going to be alright’. Now their latest video drop for ‘Lock Your Doors (No Hands 6)’ from last year’s No Love Deep Web, is again based around their No Hands series, which is in turn based on hands-free devices, which in this particular case come in the shape of head-mounted cameras filming their recent performance at SXSW.

In an interview with aqnb, drummer and public mouthpiece, Zach Hill, said their last albumwould be if someone came and ripped this [curtain] down and behind it there was this whole other dimension that went on infinitely. It’s definitely not an ending. It’s more like discovering a tunnel behind.” Perhaps, after five cryptic forerunners, ‘Lock Your Doors (No Hands 6)’ is that very (loud and painful) tunnel. You can watch the earlier videos on their YouTube account here.**