Kentucky Route Zero

, 19 October 2012

I still remember when we discovered A house in California, it was one of our earliest KS-supported projects back in 2010 and our first supported game;  a point&click adventure with a heavy arty component we found irresistible. A few months later we received that graffiti-painted wooden box with the usb card and a great story inside.

Cardboard Computer (aka Jake Elliott & co) have been developing some other great games since, and over a year ago we heard about his new super “secret highway in Kentucky” adventure project which includes a mysterious folk who travel it. At that time the trailer announced a late 2011 release, but as you know Jake Elliott, Tamas Kemenczy & co don’t have unlimited resources, so it’s taking them a little longer.

After a successful KS campaign for this title we’re finally hearing some good news from CC’s side as they just announced a release date, a few more details and a webpage for Kentucky Route Zero…with the new trailer above. The game should be released episodically in five acts, over the course of the next year with the first act appearing next November or December. Can’t wait.