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Limits & Demonstrations

11 February 2013

Riding on the success of his IGF-nominated & flashy Kentucky Route Zero (read our interview with CBC founder here) Jake Elliott & Tomas Kemenczy had this little jewel prepared … “just in case” or did they plan it way back with the KRZ design?

Limits and Demonstrations still
Limits and Demonstrations still

Just released, “Limits & Demonstrations” is Cardboard’s computer mini-mini episode embedded in their KRZ universe but not quite. L&D is, simply, a digital retrospective of some of Lula Chamberlain’s artworks, a complete stranger to 99% of us, but in this digital showroom we’ll find “a diagonal slice through time, space and form”. Is Lula a hint of upcoming characters, situations, maybe a key for future Acts?

Ahhh very few people know, only 2 in fact, but much like KRZ it’s a great piece of artwork to experiment and talk to for a few minutes… it can be downloaded this way.

Limits and Demonstrations still 2
Limits and Demonstrations still 2
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Interview with Jake Elliott

28 December 2012

Harry Purvis sat down by the White Hart’s darts corner another Wednesday with his unmistakable composure…. and ready to give his devoted audience one of those stories which made of him the most famous London sci-fi storyteller from the 60s. That rainy evening he went on about “Proyect Clausewitz”, a 50s’ mysterious super-secret governmental project no-one had heard about before. Apparently, “PC” concentrated some of the best American scientists at that time, and tons of electronic equipment under the Kentucky National park… in a certain cave.

What truly happened under the surface between General “Smith”, “Milquetoast” and “Karl the computer” is something only Harry, his audience and the readers of “Tales from the White Hart” know.

Still from KRZ4 - courtesy of Carboard Computer
Still from KRZ – courtesy of Carboard Computer

The mysteries the Kentucky cave system holds are still today, a big source of inspiration for many writers, storytellers and gamemakers; and much like Arthur C. Clarke back in the 50s or Will Crowther in the 70s, Jake Elliott is willing to invite us all for some subterranean exploration, and many underground conversations.

AQNB: Let’s start with an easy one Jake…. do you consider yourself a caving enthusiast? Continue reading Interview with Jake Elliott

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