Philipp Timischl + Sarah Ortmeyer @ tank.tv, Apr 2 – 10

2 April 2015

tank.tv is bringing in Philipp Timischl and Sarah Ortmeyer for an exhibition titled MEDITATION UNITED, running at the London space from April 2 to April 10.

The two Vienna-based artists are continuing their run of collaborative work, having previously shown at Palais de Tokyo, MoMAW, and MAK Center. In MEDITATION UNITED, Timischl exhibits a collection of printed fabric banners from his latest exhibition at Künstlerhaus Graz. Normally suspended from the ceiling, the banners are manipulated to create a “series that deals with privacy, intimacy and repetition”.

Ortmeyer, on the other hand, creates an environment made from a series of life-size portraits. Using the David Beckham Panini Stickers as unlikely inspiration, she plays with repetition in the now archaic practice of collecting and portraiture.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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Events + exhibitions, Mar 30 – Apr 5

30 March 2015

Bent Fest is on in the week starting March 30, at London’s Power Lunches with bands including Trash Kit, The Dykeness and hate fuck. Other events include Paul Kneale‘s Bad Vibrations that expands on  ideas touched on his New Abject online essay on dreamingofstreaming.com. JK_NET is closing its residency at Project/Number in an event contemplating the recent eclipse, and Philipp Timischl and Sarah Ortmeyer are presenting MEDITATION UNITED at tank.tv.

In Berlin, Mathew Gallery is presenting a performance by Eve Essex at Harlekin next door to the space and Lakuti is among the performers at Südblock’s Boo Hoo event. Elsewhere, Leslie Kulesh is opening It’s What’s Inside That Counts at San Francisco’s Et Al, Camilla Edström Ödemark is showing at Helsinki’s Third Space and Arcadia Missa‘s Rózsa Farkas is doing a Skype lecture at Oberlin’s Storage. Sol Calero and Peles Empire are opening parallel exhibitions at Birsfelden’s SALTS and e-flux is launching the latest in a series of readers with Sternberg Press, The Internet Does not exist with contributions from Alexander Galloway, Karen Archey and Zach Blas.

There’s more so see below:


HOAX #5 launch party @ studio1.1, Mar 30

V&A Digital Futures @ The White Building, Mar 31

Paul Kneale @ Open School East, Mar 31

Jess Wiesner @ Chisenhale Gallery, Mar 31

The Internet Does Not Exist book launch @ e-flux, Mar 31

Bruce McClure + Roberta Crippa @ Apiary Studios, Apr 1

COLD_CUT @ Project/Number, Apr 1 – 5

‘S’ a screening @ Kunstraum, Apr 1

Buenos Tiempos, Int. @ La Loge, Apr 1

World Unknown Easter Special, Apr 2

Privacy @ LIMITACTION, Apr 2

Rózsa Farkas @ Storage, Apr 2

Eve Essex @ Harlekin, Apr 2

Digital Death and the Post-Mortem Self @ DePunt, Apr 3

BIG OPENING @ Riverside, space, Apr 3

Musica_Dispersa_03 @ George Tavern, Apr 4

Bent Fest @ Power Lunches, Apr 4

SECTION 6. 3 @ The Yard, Apr 4

Planes of Flow @ The LivingRoom, Apr 4

BOO HOO @ Südblock, Apr 4


Panos Papadopoulos @ Lucile Avenue, Mar 30 – Apr 5

Business As Usual @ Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Apr 2 -12

Show 1 @ One Thoresby Street, Apr 2 – 18

Camilla Edström Ödemark @ Third Space, Apr 2 – 9

JOHN @ The Sunday Painter, Apr 2 – May 3

Konsta Ojala @ SIC Gallery, Apr 2 – 19

Agatha @ Center, Apr 2 – 23

Club Caligula @ Supplement, Apr 2 – May 2

Marios Athanasiou @ Arebyte, Apr 2 – May 2

Philipp Timischl + Sarah Ortmeyer @ tank.tv, Apr 2 – 10

Juliette Bonneviot @ Autocenter, Apr 3 – 18

Jack Brindley @ Cosmo Carl, Apr 3

Leslie Kulesh @ Et Al, Apr 3 – 18

The Generation Game @ A Thin Place, Apr 4 – May 15

Space Station 51 @ Area 51, Apr 4 – May 4

Peles Empire + Sol Calero @ SALTS, Apr 4 – May 25**

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Camilla Edström Ödemark @ Third Space.

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End of Year events + exhibition openings (November)

27 November 2014

With the end of year wind-up comes the last surge of final shows to finish off November and December, so in an effort to give space to upcoming events that spill out of the schedule, we’ve rounded up show openings and events in the week ending November and leading to the New Year.

Beginning November 23 is Aimee Heinemann‘s second residential exhibition, Instableat Grove House, as well as the Holly Childs-curated Quake II two-person show at Arcadia Missa, as well as Arca + Jesse Kanda performing an audiovisual collaboration at the ICA, as well as a group exhibition at EOA. Projects that includes a new light box installation by Monira Al Qadiri.

There’s also Spiros Hadjidjanos‘ solo exhibition, Pre-digital Space at Future Gallery in Berlin, AirBNB Pavilion, including work by Maja Cule and Rosa Aiello in Italy’s Bari, the Panda Sex group show, with Andreas Angelidakis and others, plus more.

Here’s a list below and we’ve definitely missed loads but #nofomo.


Arca + Jesse Kanda @ ICA, November 27

Harry Burke + Eloise Bonnevïot @ tank.tv, November 27

Objective Considerations @ MOT Projects, November 27

#quoax Twitter event by HOAX Publication (online), November 27

The Free Sea screening and discussion @ GV art, November 28

Networked Voices @ Dana Centre, November 29

WORDS END YEAR @ SLOPES Projects, November 29

CASTILLO/CORRALES 3rd Annual Benefit Raffle, November 29


Got Tortilla with Butter on Phone. Think it’s the End? @ Rod Barton, November 28 to January 17

Quake II @ Arcadia Missa, November 28 to December 12

Candice Jacobs @ DKUK Salon, November  28 to December 24

Panda Sex @ State Of Concept, November 28 to January 17

Never Never Land @ EOA. Projects, November 28 to January 31

Spiros Hadjidjanos @ Future Gallery, November 29 to January 10

Aimee Heinemann @ Grove House, November 30


Future Polities @ Auto Italia, November 24 to January 5

Emily Jones @ Jupiter Woods, November 23 to 30

Alternative Equinox @ French Riviera, November 25 to 30

AirBNB Pavilion @  63rd-77th STEPS, November 27 to December 15

He He He He He … @ MilMa, November 27 to December 21

biotic / abiotic @ The Gallery Apart, November 26 to January 24

Pipolitti Rist @ Hauser & Wirth November 26 to January 10 **

Header image: Marian Tubbstypical quasi-coy, digital print on silk (2014). Image courtesy Arcadia Missa.

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Harry Burke + Eloise Bonnevoit performance @ tank.tv, Nov 27

26 November 2014

Artists Harry Burke and Eloise Bonnevïot are putting on a performance to accompany Sanssouci Reality‘s Issue #1: The Latte Vision, taking place in the tank.tv basement on November 27.

Burke, who previously edited the I Love Roses poetry anthology, will be doing a reading from his latest book of poems, City of God, created as a response to architecture and accompanied by the architectural renderings of architect Alessandro Bava and audio/visuals from artist and 18+ member Samia Mirza. Burke’s publishing house, Version House, writes this about the book: “Each drawing is like a poem, and each poem is like a space in which you can live. Each reading is like a confession. Together they build a city of belief, a City of God.”

Bonnevïot will offer the second performance of the night with a distributed arrangement of her ongoing project, The Meditative Relaxation Cycle, which invites various artists to perform a series of six digital automatic drawings on iPads or tablets as a kind of “contemporary re-appropriation of Surrealist Automatism”.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Paul Kneale, SEO and Co. (2014) exhibition photos + vid

3 November 2014

The first of a two-part exhibition to culminate at London’s Evelyn Yard in January 2015, Paul Kneale‘s SEO and Co., running at tank.tv from October 13 to November 21, reclaims and reconstitutes the work of the speech-to-text transcription that’s applying Search Engine Optimisation to video. With the internet being essentially a text-based medium, the difficulties of uploading films online while making them accessible, or more appropriately, ‘rank-able’ by search engines means that Google and YouTube have developed a new approach to inscribing the ephemeral image through auto captioning software. That means some laughably off-point transcripts of recorded events to follow, including the highly theoretical Lunch Bytes Structures and Textures panel discussion in May this year – where Kneale spoke along with Ben Vickers, Wendy Chun and Boris Groys – only to be translated automatically into an absurd collation of phrases like, “nothing series your working, additional culture, %uh gutenberg!” and “sweetie what happened to you?”.

While the text doesn’t necessarily relate to content specifics, somehow it’s been interpreted into the right subject of art with a ‘Warhol’ dropping in from nowhere and leading nicely to becoming a piece of it (as in art) with Kneale’s resulting SEO and Co. exhibition. The artist transformed the transcript into a screenplay, split into four ‘scenes’ and read by five London-based creatives including himself, Harry Burke, Melika Ngombe Kolongo, Nina Cristante and Oscar Khan -as ‘FRAMER’, ‘INTERJECTOR’, ‘ELABORATOR’, ‘STUDENT’, ‘DISTURBER’ (not necessarily in that order). The performances were filmed inside and on the roof of Kneale’s current home and muse, the disused Rotherhithe Library (occassionally known as the Library + project space), before being projected on to parts pulled from the condemned building and reinstalled in the tank.tv downstairs space.

The result is various makeshift ‘screens’ made up of material crossing ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ space. A part of a flourescent light that undulates in the background of Kolongo’s reading on-screen is nailed to the back of the board where its showing. There’s a hole roughly cut through a perpendicular panel with a view to the metal framed tarp projecting an image of that same substance. Speakers playing the sound of the SEO mash-up hang in branded bags or the plastic that they came in. A microwave, brown from burnt CDs cooked inside it, is on the floor behind a suspended film of dazzling chameleon-coloured bubbles of polycarbonate plastic; their digital data lost with the melted material.

Paul Kneale, SEO and Co. (2014) @ tank.tv installation view. Courtesy the artist.
Paul Kneale, SEO and Co. (2014) @ tank.tv installation view. Courtesy the artist.

As was the SEO and Co. script, so too is said CD melting fetish directly inspired by nonsensical algorithmic associations. It’s from one of the recommendations following a viewing of the same YouTube upload of the Lynch Bytes #2 discussion video that inspired the screenplay. As an artist interested in the “rerouting and transference of meaning”, Kneale siezes on Harold Bloom’s idea of “poetic misprision” – where one wilfully misinterprets their inspiration in order to open up the imaginative space – and presents an exhibition that recognises the potential of technology’s ludicrous lack of intentionality in broadening our perspective. **

Exhibition photos, top right.

Paul Kneale’s SEO and Co. is on at London’s tank.tv, running October 13 to November 21, 2014.

Header image: Paul Kneale, SEO and Co. (2014) @ tank.tv installation view. Courtesy the artist.

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Frieze 2014 offsite + fringe events

13 October 2014

As Frieze is never so much about the art fair itself but the influx of artists and projects surrounding the international event – this year running in London October 15 to 18 – here are our recommendations for the week’s offsite and fringe occassions, including events and exhibitions opening and opened:


Sunday Art Fair, Oct 15 – 18

Do You Follow? Art in Circulation @ Old Selfridges Hotel, Oct 15 -18

Korakrit Arunanondchai with Boychild and AJ Gvojic: The Last 3 Years and the Future @ Old Selfridges Hotel, Oct 16

Evening of Performances @ DRAF, Oct 16

Extinction Marathon: Visions of the Future @ Serpentine Galleries, Oct 18 to 19


Paul Kneale, SEO and Co. @ tank.tv, Oct 13

Gabriele De Santis, On the Run @ Italian Cultural Institute, Oct 13

Shanzhai Biennial No. 3: 100 Hamilton Terrace @ Project Native Informant, Oct 15

Cécile B. Evans, Hyperlinks + A Picture is no Substitute @ Seventeen Gallery, Oct 15

Leslie Kulesh, “Glamourshotz”©®™ @ Lima Zulu, Oct 17


Maja Cule, Facing the Same Direction @ Arcadia Missa

Amalia Ulman, The Destruction Of Experience @ Evelyn Yard

POLYMYTH x Miss Information @ Auto Italia

Genuine Articles @ Jupiter Woods

Dean Blunt, New Paintings + Schizo-Culture: Cracks in the Street @ Space

Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin, Priority Innfield @ Zabludowicz Collection

Neïl Beloufa, Counting on People + Beware of Wet Paint @ ICA

Heathers @ Rowing Projects

Yuri Pattison, Free Traveller @ Cell Project Space

Union @ Union Pacific **

Jan Kiefer, 'Hey Tony' (2014) film still. Courtesy Union Pacific.
Jan Kiefer, ‘Hey Tony’ (2014) film still. Courtesy Union Pacific.

Header image: Postcard from the Shanzhai Biennial/Fair Trade diffusion line. Photography Noah Sheldon.


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Paul Kneale SEO and Co. @ tank tv, Oct 13 – Nov 21

10 October 2014

London-based artist Paul Kneale is bringing his solo show, SEO and Co., to London’s tank.tv from October 13 to November 21.

Working from the abstracted computer-assisted transcription of a talk he did with Boris Groys, Wendy Chun, Ben Vickers and Hannah Sawtell at the ICA on the effects of digital structures on physical production, Kneale digs into the grey-scale gaps of language and the processes of “the networked mind”.

Like many of the artists we feature on this site, his method is one of willful misinterpretation “as a strategy for the opening up of imaginative space”. He invites fellow artists, musicians and poets to act out the dialogues that comprise his video, “performing this ‘misprisioned’ content as themselves”, further abstracting the already abstracted transcripts and creating an almost entirely new frame of reference.

Read an interview and see the tank.tv exhibition page for details. **

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Jala Wahid @ tank.tv, Feb 26 – Apr 3

26 February 2014

SALT. editor Jala Wahid is presenting online exhibition Soft Ache at tank.tv, opening February 26 and running to April 3.

As part of Arcadia Missa‘s purlove curatorial residency at the site, Wahid’s exhibition asks “Can we convalesce, abolish, or make anew, anything –from the residue of our relations, within total landscapes of collapse?”

Those “total landscapes of collapse” are probably the ‘networks’ referred to in the exhibition blurb, while Wahid films such as ‘Object Whore’ and the recent ‘Wearing Natalie Portman’ -as featured in A_M’s ‘How to Sleep Faster ep. 3‘ -draw some complex and unsettling connections between youth, beauty and commodity, by blurring distinctions between body and object in their focus on form and texture.

That becomes all the more complicated when it’s somehow represented and re-mediated online, drawing some interesting connections to Wahid’s concerns with “affect and its manifestation”. And that’s without mentioning the fact that the video “I’ve got a burning desire (come on, tell me boy)” is named after a Lana Del Rey lyric from ‘Burning Desire’ that adds, “I have to touch myself, don’t pretend you’re there”.

See the tank.tv Facebook event page for details. **

Header image ‘”I’ve got a burning desire (come on, tell me boy)”‘. Video Still. Courtesy Jala Wahid, 2014.

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tank.tv 10th Birthday party

27 September 2013

Online museum of contemporary artists’ moving image, Tank Magazine’s tank.tv is celebrating a decade since launching in 2003 with a party, September 27. It’s happening at their Great Portland Street HQ, where Arcadia Missa will be presenting a collaborative group exhibition, purlove, featuring work and performances by  felicita, Felix Lee, Maja Cule, Marlie Mul, Melika Ngombe Kolongo & Daniella Russo, Rosa Aiello, Joseph Waller (textcursor) and Bunny Rogers.

To mark the occasion, tank.tv will be launching a refurbished site with their first ever online residency and a new event space, downstairs from where all the publishing action happens. The event is free to enter, cheap booze and featuring design by Daniel Swan, Daniella Russo and Riyo Nemeth. There will also be an unveiling of a video for the brilliantly squelchy object fetish of felicita’s ‘climb up eh’ among other things. Lots to look forward to.

See their allevents page for more details. **

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