Peles Empire

Peles Empire + Agata Madejska @ Project/Number, Sep 25 – Oct 18

24 September 2015

Pele Empire is presenting a self-titled exhibition of work alongside a new light box commission by Agata Madejska‘s at London’s Project/Number, opening September 25 and running to October 18.

Peles Empire is a Berlin-based collaborative project by German artist Katharina Stoever and Romanian-born artist Barbara Wolff, recently showing at Birsfelden’s SALTS with their Mutant exhibition.

Meanwhile, Warsaw-born Madejska’s work will be showing as part of Project/Number’s ongoing series, a site-specific project space in the form of The Light Box Commissions above the gallery entrance.

See the Project/Number website for details.**

Peles Empire, Mutant (2014) @ SALTS. Exhibition view. Photo by Gunnar Meier.
Peles Empire, Mutant (2014) @ SALTS. Exhibition view. Photo by Gunnar Meier.
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Here I too exist @ Koppe Astner, Sep 24

24 September 2015

Koppe Astner opens a new group exhibition, titled Here too I exist and opening at the Glasgow art space on September 24.

The group exhibition features works from British artist Aaron Angell, Peles Empire (the collaborative work by Katharina Stoever and Barbara Wolff), NYC artist Avery Singer, Belgian artist Caragh Thuring and UK-born and Lisbon-based artist Emily Wardill.

See the FB exhibition page for (minimal) details. **

Emily Wardill, 'When you fall into a trance' (2013).
Emily Wardill, ‘When you fall into a trance’ (2013).
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Peles Empire + Sol Calero @ SALTS, Apr 4 – May 25

3 April 2015

B’s SALTS gallery is bringing two simultaneous solo exhibitions by Peles Empire and Sol Calero to its Birsfelden space where they will run from April 4 until May 25.

Peles Empire, the collaborative moniker of German artists Katharina Stoever and Romanian-born Barbara Wolff, opens with their new show, Mutant. The ‘Empire’ – inspired by the Frankensteinian stylistic evolutions of the Peles Castle, found at the foothills of the Carpathians – takes the castle as its subject, exploring the process of reinvention and reproduction, recreating its rooms from A3 digital prints of photographs.

Also showing at SALTS is a solo exhibition by Venezuelan-born and Berlin-based artist Sol Calero titled El Buen Vecino. Calero runs the project space Kinderhook & Caracas with her husband Christopher Kline, named after their two hometowns.

See the Mutant and the El Buen Vecino exhibition pages for details. **


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Lithium @ MilMa, Jan 30 – Feb 22

29 January 2015

Millington | Marriott is bringing in the exhibition Lithium, which will be running at their London Space from January 30 to February 22.

The group show comes as the third in a series of group shows entitled Elements at MilMa, and features the works of three different artists: Peles EmpireGiles Round, and Alex Cecchetti. The invitation nature of the show – in which an initial artist is invited to participate, then invites the second artist, who extends the invitation to the third – lends a dynamic quality to the show.

Unlike most curated exhibitions, this show is self-curated, or rather evolving in a somewhat natural progression, inviting both chaos and a certain unspoken order its nature.

See the Lithium FB page for details. ** 

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