The Destruction Of Experience @ Evelyn Yard, Oct 9 – Nov 13

, 6 October 2014

Evelyn Yard will be hosting the latest installation from Amalia Ulman, titled The Destruction Of Experience and running at the London space from October 19 to November 13.

As the press release offers, “The Destruction Of Experience is a show about time, body clocks and stretch marks”. The Buenos Aires-born artist is working with sound, scent and sculpture as well as standard wall-based works in her first immersive London installation to “explore the status of the human body as a perishable asset”.

The human body, of course, is that of a woman. With primarily first-person voiced pieces, Ulman’s work intentionally blurs the line between object and artist, using the iconography of femininity to explore the concept of ‘prettiness’.

Ulman’s exhibition will also features parallel works by Japanese artist, Hajime Sorayama, whose detailed illustrations of female cyborgs are “‘enhanced’ with inorganic, machine-like connections and protrusions to create further perfected visions of female form for erotic consumption”.

See the Evelyn Yard exhibition page for details. **

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