Mikey evokes bucolic landscapes & nostalgia with the lush baroque pop & euphoric trance infusions of ‘Kids’

, 12 August 2022

Mikey (FKA Mikey Enwright) is releasing EP Skywards via London’s Body Motion on August 19, with preview track ‘Kids’ premiering on AQNB today. The artist melds baroque electronic pop with neo-classical motifs, inspired by medieval art and his home of Boston’s idyllic Cape Ann coast, with a sound that has seen him find support from the likes of Oklou, Danny L Harle, and Andras.

‘Kids’ opens with shimmering electronic harp arpeggios and Mikey’s gentle vocals in a near whisper, evoking bucolic American landscapes in the story of an adopted child. Soon building into lush glitch pop atmospheres, the song is driven by four-to-the-floor kicks and ambient synth stabs from the realms of euphoric trance. As the EP is described in the press release: “murmured vocals and flute evoke warm nostalgia; glistening, joyous melody suspended on lilting rhythms — modern pastoral pop.”**

Mikey’s EP Skywards is out via Body Motion on August 19, 2022.