sds debuts a sentimental & electronica-inspired record for Olga Productions, sharing the nostalgic atmospherics of ‘L’omniscient’

, 4 August 2022

sds is releasing EP La maison du soleil via Olga Productions on August 10, with preview track ‘L’omniscient’ premiering today on AQNB. It’s the first solo record from the Marseille-based radio station and label following their compilation earlier this year which featured migu, Golce, and TTristana, amongst others.

La maison du soleil is also the first record of the Bordeaux-based artist, synthesizing their ambient and pop-electronica sound collages into a formal debut release. ‘L’omniscient’ emphasizes the nostalgia behind their style as it opens in a pool of somber atmospherics. Hushed vocal samples surface over oscillating soundscapes, briefly sparing the sentimental melody that guides the track forward. It’s a song that slowly nudges towards its conclusion while simultaneously keeping the feeling of a distant memory within earshot.

sds’ EP La maison du soleil is out via Olga Productions on August 10.