Daniel Ness explores urgency in remembering past sensations on the melancholic pop of ‘Kiss the Dirt’

, 21 July 2022

Daniel Ness is releasing EP Hell is A Room via Merci Jitter on July 21, with preview track ‘Kiss The Dirt’ premiering on AQNB today. The record spans Ness’ self-described archive of memories around life unfolding, its sum refracted through the artist’s ethereal pop-electro with help from collaborators jjjacob, Mikey Enwright, amongst others.

“‘Kiss The Dirt’ is a song of urgency. It recalls basic childhood memories and sensations, clumsiness, pain, and a somewhat lost aspect of living within adult life,” says Ness about the track over e-mail. The song opens into a slow procession of amen-breaks, sentimental atmospherics, and vocals unfolding over the rupturing kick drum. The culmination of sounds evokes a feeling of crawling through some cavern; Ness’ croons reverberate over the beat before subsuming again. “It’s a metaphoric message to regain a more innocent and less-calculated way of being to overcome present frustrations and discontent.”**

Daniel Ness’ EP Hell is A Room is out via Merci Jitter on July 21.