Dj Clope shares the cathartic trance of ‘Ligar’ for Endless Bazaar’s debut compilation, Endless Bazaar Experience Vol. 1

, 29 April 2022

Endless Bazaar is releasing compilation Endless Bazaar Experience Vol. 1 on May 5, with preview track ‘Dj Clope – Ligar’ premiering on AQNB today. It’s the first release from the bi-monthly club night in Lucerne, featuring artists such as dj lostboi, REA, Elbis Rever, and others in celebration of DIY music culture.

Dj Clope’s ‘Ligar’ starts with lush synthetic soundscapes punctured by a mix of Brazilian baile funk beats and vocals. Arpeggios elevate the track’s pacing before descending into the main break, recalling Elysia Crampton’s ‘DJ E’ edits that blend Latin American rhythms with ethereal ambient samples. Suddenly, the composition releases a cathartic trance, youthful vocals trailing between melodic atmospherics before finally drifting away.**

Endless Bazaar’s compilation Endless Bazaar Experience Vol. 1 is out on May 5.