digital selves explores the playful & imaginative potential of algorave music on ‘Eurostar’

, 21 April 2022

digital selves is releasing EP error typography via Cherche Encore on April 27, with preview track ‘Eurostar’ premiering on AQNB today. The record follows the musician and live-coder’s feature in FACT Magazine, where she presented the coding practice that underpins this latest release.

‘Eurostar’ melds ominous rave synths and arpeggios, drawing upon the Algorave movement of the early 2010s. At these events, participants would live program arrangements of dance music with beats and melodies emerging spontaneously from lines of sequenced code. On this track, Lizzie Wilson (aka digital selves) spares room for the more generative aspects of the composition. Granular electronics spiral over the rhythm, revealing a sonic landscape powered by her live-programming ability. Yet, it never ceases to be playful and imaginative before twinkling out of earshot.**

digital selves’ EP error typography is out via Cherche Encore on April 27.