Charles Verni explores a technological potential for predicting cataclysm in their ominous music video for ‘Tom’

, 13 December 2021

Charles Verni released single ‘Tom’ via Seedlink⁺ on December 10, with the video premiering today on AQNB. The release follows appearances on Edited Arts, Internet Public Radio, and a remix for DÆMON, where the artist established their genre-bending takes on club music.

‘Tom’ reveals a foreboding clash between post-apocalyptic conditions and the present, featuring still shots of a hand-held iPhone with blow-out landscapes before the background of urban skylines. The video through monologues upheld by an ominous beat, eventually dropping into a drill-inspired climax. The piece forgoes a story-like narrative for these drawn-out examples that highlight the ability of technology to project possible cataclysmic futures.**

Charles Verni’s ‘Tom’ is out via Seedlink⁺ on December 17.