Camille Soulat explores isolation’s mind-altering influences in her latest hyperreal video ‘Memory Foam Material’

, 9 December 2021

Camille Soulat is releasing video ‘Memory Foam Material’, premiering on AQNB today, December 9. The Marseille-based artist’s latest work explores memory’s intangible print on the mind and how it becomes altered by substances and the environment.

‘Memory Foam Material’ gives a hyperreal interpretation of geek culture and its on and offline ephemera. MacBook chargers, ramen bowls, pinkish pop bags, and shiny metallic figures appear strewn across the floor, some frozen in mid-air with a slow pan over their details. In the press release, Soulat states the video alludes to the Japanese concept of acute social withdrawal, hikikomori; moreover, she explores the implications of isolation, suggesting the mind-altering influence prolonged confinement has on perception.**

Camille Soulat’s video Memory Foam Material’ is out today.