“Are your parents rich?” Kaino Kim Vieno shares a stunning existential ode to the hip urban neighbourhood of Helsinki’s ‘Sörnäinen’

, 17 November 2021

Kaino Kim Vieno (aka Kaino Wennerstrand) is announcing forthcoming album For Those Who Wait with World Canvas-released preview track ‘Sörnäinen’ premiering via AQNB today. The Helsinki-based producer and musician is also a member of electronic music and interdisciplinary art duo Biitsi—most recently showing at Helsinki’s Outo olo last year—and an occasional contributor to the site.

The new nine-track album is a first solo outing from Wennerstrand, who often works in the realm of interdisciplinary art, sound design and experimental music. They carry their often funny, critical and somewhat existential insights into the meditative and ambient sonic space of ‘Sörnäinen’, named after the hip industrial-come-urban area of Helsinki. Produced in collaboratoin with Murrettumeri, a swelling atmospheric is punctured by a clipped hi-hat and filtered vocals that ask, “are your parents rich?” The accompanying music video by Lännen tehtaat is an equally dreamy and kaleidoscopic visual collage that scatters the lyrics amongst the images that poignantly inquire, “will you dance with me,/ or someone more like you?”**

Kaino Kim Vieno’s ‘Sörnäinen’ single—from the forthcoming For Those Who Wait album—is out via Helsinki’s World Canvas on November 17, 2021.