Ladonna &Adrian Q Vardi explore innocent &otherworldly imaginations on the dreamy nocturnal video for ‘a single wish’

, 27 October 2021

Ladonna released album a single wish via Xquisite Releases on September 15, with the video for the title track premiering on today on AQNB. The release follows the Berlin-based artist’s 2019 record Rest of World, where the most recently established their titular ambient folk style.

The video for ‘a single wish’ evolves into a nocturnal trip created by Adrian Q Vardi, unfolding into esoteric and playful memories that evoke a sense of longing. Otherworldly sprites recall dreams within a childlike imagination, emerging and transfiguring throughout the montage of scenes and yawning soundscapes. Suddenly, the track’s lullaby slowly winks into a twilit resolution. **

Ladonna’s a single wish was released via Xquisite Releases on September 15.