Nature Loves Courage Festival announces full 2021 lineup to take place in Sougia, Greece on Oct 8-9

, 3 September 2021

Nature Loves Courage is announcing the full lineup to their 2021 edition scheduled to take place October 8-9 in Sougia, Greece. This year includes alumnus from the 2019 festival such as Juliana Huxtable and Kilbourne, as well as Beirut DJ crew FREQUENT DEFECT, DJ Diaki, amongst others.

Drawing from the rich, sonic channels of the African and Arab world that run through the tip of Southern Europe where Crete is located, NLC, with the support of leading Arabic speaking magazine Ma3azef and Kampala-based collective Nyege Nyege, will present a two day event on the beaches of Sougia, featuring artists De Schuurman, Moesha 13, and DJ LOSER. The festival intends to offer a space for “collective manifestation, esoteric self-exploration and profound togetherness in the spirit of freedom of being and inclusivity”.**

See here for early bird tickets and find out more about the festival on the Nature Loves Courage website.