orchid reminisces over complicated companionship on the suspended synthetic rhythms of ‘Just to Me’

, 27 August 2021

orchid is self-releasing single ‘Just to Me’, premiering today on AQNB, August 27, 2021. The single follows the eldia affiliate’s recently shared EP, With a Kiss, featuring kiryano and colton over bubbly trap production.

‘Just to Me’ fixates on orchid’s pensive and often reflective lyrics, reducing 808 beats in favor of gliding Autotune vocals that drive the track’s rhythm. Pulsing synths uplift the artist’s croons into a groove that sounds suspended in midair. Electric melodies whirl over intimate lines on closeness and personal feeling, suggesting a warmth inherent in true companionship. Of course, orchid is neither hesitant nor entirely forthright in her convictions, ending on the only question heard across the composition: ‘are you special just to me’?**

orchid’s ‘Just to Me’ is self-released today, August 27, 2021.