Kai Whiston shares the lethargic & broken-down soundscapes of ‘Playtime’ for Mutants Mixtape’s next compilation

, 30 July 2021

Mutants Mixtape is releasing their compilation MUTANTS VOL. 5: FREE on August 6, with preview track ‘Kai Whiston – Playtime’ premiering on AQNB today. The audiovisual charity project will be donating proceeds from the record towards the Palestine Red Crescent Society, featuring artists like Holly Herndon, BLOODZ BOI 血男孩, and osquinn on their latest volume. 

Kai Whiston’s ‘Playtime’ toys with lethargic soundscapes, slowing unraveling into a miasma of broken-down beats and fractured atmospheres. Drums puncture through squealing samples, amassing momentum in the headroom before a sharp relief. Sirens trail off in the distance, their carefree wails yearning for something beyond the song’s close.**

 Mutants Mixtape’s FREE is out on August 6.