Celes shares mix & a series of videos in response to her recent ambient mixtape Limit Break

, 23 July 2021

Celes released mixtape Limit Break via evo-natura on July 15, 2021. The New York-based artist is sharing a mix, premiering today on AQNB. Her debut on the Athens-based label follows appearances on compilations for Edited Arts, Club Paradiso, and a contribution to c- over the past few years.

Limit Break explores a range of minimal field recordings and guitar, drawing out an ambience that feels equally transportative and all-consuming despite its localizable sound. Although a distinguishable aspect of Celes’ drone compositions, the approach also calls on her involvement in the New York underground as DJ, where she is played parties like Melting Point and New World Dysorder. What is clear is the artist’s focus on the afterglow of long nights in the city’s clubs, and perhaps parallels to places beyond in terms of the experience they offer. Responding to a series of questions about her latest record, Celes offered for videos in lieu of written answers.

**It seems like Limit Break captures your perspective on humanism. Would you agree? If so, has it changed this past year?


**The other part of this record also looks beyond some of the usual conventions of existing in place like New York. What are your thoughts on that city?


**Although your practice aims to uncover the collective experience, Limit Break explores many scenarios— such as those in nature— that would normally appear to be isolated. Do these intersect at all?


**Lastly, between all the places described in the press release of Limit Break, where of these would you like to see yourself?



Celes’ mixtape Limit Break was released by evo-natura on July 15, 2021.