migu speculates on love frayed by fate & isolation in the celestial & animated video for ‘Resonance’

, 18 June 2021

migu is releasing EP Academy XI via unseelie on July 2, with the video for ‘Resonance’ premiering on AQNB today. The French artist invited designer Tissue Hunter for their latest project, continuing the noise-pop of their most previous record, The Disappearance of Memories.

“The characters communicate between realms of life and death and battle their respective fates caused by their decisions,” describes migu in the press release on one of the scenarios that underpin the concept behind Academy XI. Strained love, distant tension, and torment play out in the ‘Resonance’ video’s spectral animations, where ghost-like figures profess emotions as they drift between shadowy voids. The work takes on a celestial quality, wherein eventually, it becomes harder to tell the difference between the human-like characters and the cosmic planes slowly overtaking them. Migu explains,” I wanted to develop a story revolving around two star-crossed lovers living in a mutated dystopian reality”**

Migu’s Academy XI is out via unseelie on July 2.