Mori Mori withdraws into nature to examine ecology, temples, & the serene on ‘Healer’ for Neoplasm

, 11 June 2021

Mori Mori is releasing album Aurora via Neoplasm on June 17, with the video for ‘Healer’ premiering today via AQNB. The artist recently featured on the Russian label’s Just Now Ago compilation, which focused on totalities and perception. 

The video shows Mori Mori, presumably around their home base in Jurmala, Latvia, exploring a few outdoor scenes that distinctly signal the viewer. First, they appear around swarms of bugs by the water, the artist’s hands swaying through the glistening bug bodies against the camera. Brief shots of a bridge at sunset provide a nostalgic eclipse before sliding into a temple-like building adorned in religious cloth. It’s a charged ensemble of places that show some plurality and abundance beyond usual cityscapes.** 

Mori Mori’s album is out via Neoplasm on June 17.