Vilde Tuv’s instrumental flute album echoes the new age europop of a simpler time with this musical manifesto in defence of melody

, 5 May 2021

Vilde Tuv is releasing album Melting Songs on Bergen’s Poesy on May 7, with preview track ‘Jeg Kommer Hjem Nå’ premiering on AQNB today. The Norwegian ‘one woman band’ trades in her usual vocals for the flute, offering a breathy lyricism without words that dissolves into an electroacoustic fusion.

Where Tuv’s earlier releases on another Bergen label, Opplett, often featured a folk, trip hop and ambient-inflected take on a kind of eurodance, Melting Songs brings the soft glow of deadpan camp to the next level. The entirely instrumental album echoes the Celtic pop and new age of an artist like Enya, with the woodwind melody leading the electronic sequencing and unusually melancholic supersaw setting of tracks like ‘Hold My Handle’ and ‘Flute Navigation’. This featured Norwegian-titled track ‘Jeg kommer hjem nå’ (‘I’m coming home now’ in English) may or may not be a reference to Danish dance artist Whigfield’s 2012 comeback track ‘Jeg kommer hjem‘, but there’s certainly a lineage from 90s europop at its peak and the more contemplative melt of all the style’s heavy bass elements and high end synth hooks.**

Vilde Tuv’s Melting Songs is out on Bergen’s Poesy on May 7, 2021.