William J. Canning teams up with Baby Blue & Actual Objects to explore ecologies & ambient-industrial sounds on ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’

, 30 April 2021

William J. Canning is releasing album Love Tipped Wings on May 7 via Burning Rose, with the video for ‘Wrong Side of Paradise ft. Baby Blue’ premiering today via AQNB. It’s the latest culmination of work from the front man of Australian post-punk band Death Bells, which deliberately moves away from self-described pop expectations.

In the press release, Canning states how the process behind this album “is no more than an aloof amalgamation of curious ambient production,” which comes through in the video. Directed by Los Angeles multi-disciplinary studio Actual Objects, ‘Wrong Side of Paradise’ opens with an older man adorned in skimpy futuristic clothes wandering barren terrain. Canning and Baby Blue’s styles mesh together seamlessly, with washed-out atmospheres sounding off before a techno beat stirs up movement. The man ends up on many plains and cliffs, seemingly without much intention beyond existing on the periphery, but perhaps that’s the point.**

William J. Canning’s Love Tipped Wings is out on May 7 via Burning Rose.