L.Cie joins DJH on the epic ambient buzz of ‘Bridge’ that soundtracks untold fantasies

, 30 April 2021

L.Cie and DJH are releasing single ‘Bridge’ today, April 30, with the track premiering via AQNB. It’s the first collaboration between the Curiosity Shop label head and the German artist known for their sharp, big-room synthesis that covers ambient, trap, and other genres in past releases.

‘Bridge’ retains this fantasy-esque quality in that it plays as if it were following a story of epic and supernatural scale. Miniature violins pluck over whooshing granular effects, building in DJH’s lead synths that dominate headroom. The track oscillates between spellbound instrumentals and heavy electronics, retelling unmentioned prose through sonic climaxes and plateaus.**

L.Cie and DJH’s ‘Bridge’ is out today, April 30.