Himera mixes maximalism & hyper-melancholia on ‘Here’ for Valley’s 2nd anniversary compilation

, 29 April 2021

Valley is releasing compilation VALLEY001 on May 7, with preview track ‘Himera – Here’ premiering today via AQNB. The release marks the Amsterdam-based label’s second anniversary, featuring Oklou, Swan Meat, and IVVVO, amongst other international club acts.

Himera’s ‘Here’ mixes a few tropes from their past discography, mainly the synth-laden maximalism and hyper-melancholia heard between their EP and split-singles released by unseelie in the past year. Trance sequences cascade upwards, breaking into synthesized electric guitar solos that choke out all other audible parts. Evoking the cadenced drama of Lorenzo Senni’s 2020 track ‘Disciple of Enthusiasm’, the track moves through various rhythmic stages, filtering and ticking away in its final moments.**

Himera’s ‘Here’ is released as part of the VALLEY001 compilation on May 7.