SKYLA debuts on Xquisite Releases with the grungy, drum n bass-lined atmospheres of ‘A2A’

, 22 April 2021

SKYLA is releasing EL WA7L via Xquisite Releases on April 23, with preview track ‘A2A’ premiering on AQNB today. This is the Jordanian artist’s first record, presented in-full on the UK label run by Oxhy.

‘A2A’ starts with soft synth sirens signaling a rushed and distorted electronic bass. The composition folds into a drum-&-bass sequence that breaks between noisy guitar samples and jazz-inspired rhythms. Its frenetic energy eventually breaks down rather anticlimactically– and perhaps intentionally so– with ambiances twisting out of earshot at the close.**

SKYLA’s EL WA7L is out via Xquisite Releases on April 23.