Kelman Duran shares the dissociative & up-tempo rhythms of ‘Babu Frik’ for the debut Promesses compilation Promesses Vol. 1

, 19 March 2021

Promesses is releasing compilation Promesses Vol. 1 on March 26, with preview track ‘Kelman Duran – Babu Frik’ premiering today via AQNB. The debut project from the Paris and Brussels-based label features 40 artists to hybridize disparate club music across worldwide origins.

Kelman Duran’s ‘Babu Frik’ begins in a haze of reverberated vocal samples, phrases chopped in a style reminiscent of the artist’s 2017 album 1804 KIDS eclipse airy lo-fi ambiances that linger in the background. The beat forms quickly, with the up-tempo snap of 808 drum kit samples driving the track’s momentum. In the sparse interlude, caustic synthesizers whirl over before the rhythm picks up again, eventually climaxing into a break that feels both dissociative and urgently awaiting the dancefloor.**

Kelman Duran’s ‘Babu Frik’ is out via the Promesses Vol. 1 compilation on March 26.