Basic Rhythm & Lamont apply their cool & controlled ‘modernist hardcore’ to uneasy stop-motion animation for ‘Spring Back’

, 12 March 2021

Basic Rhythm (aka Anthoney Hart) & Lamont released 12-inch
Hard Shoulder / Spring Back via London’s Raw Basics on February 12, with a music video for ‘Spring Back’ shared on AQNB today. Founded by Hart in 2020, the label follows the producer’s many aliases across a spectrum of drum n bass and grime, industrial and noise, into this current incarnation of what he calls ‘modernist hardcore’.

Stripped-back percussion and distorted chimes meet at the abdominal bass and guttural cut-ups of ‘Spring Back’, which together create a flawless exercise in rhythm and restraint. The accompanying video is a stop-motion animation by Marius Stepanek and Justus Heuschele of Studio Ugly, drawing on the influence of directors like Jan Švankmajer and The Brothers Quay to produce a dazzlingly synchronised visual complement to its cool and collected sound.**

Basic Rhythm & Lamont’s Hard Shoulder / Spring Back 12-inch was released via London’s Raw Basics on February 12, 2021.