Ivan Zoloto explores psychogeography & war on the ambient drone & video of ‘Problem no. 1’

, 5 March 2021

Ivan Zoloto released album Pleasure Prison via School of The Arts on February 26, with video for track ‘Problem no. 1’ premiering on AQNB today. The Barcelona-based artist continues their exploration into psychogeography and ambient drone electronics, which began on their previous release Ghosting in 2020.

The video for ‘Problem no. 1’ reinforces the ominously sentimental composition, on which Zoloto plays the jouhikko, a bowed lyre that’s part of his Karelian heritage. Grainy footage of children roleplaying military soldiers appears against the muted sky backdrop. Simultaneously, the instrumental score swells with aggression, evoking a Lord of the Flies-esque demeanor throughout the video. “I don’t think there’s a better metaphor for life than kids playing war, especially if you’re online in 2021,” writes Zoloto.**

Ivan Zoloto’s Pleasure Prison was released via School of The Arts on February 26.