Bby Eco imagines a longing for love on the open sea for the bubbling, subdued trance-pop of ‘Water Song’

, 19 February 2021

Bby Eco is self-releasing album Grow!, with preview track ‘Water Song’ premiering today via AQNB. The artist’s latest record shifts the new-age trance of their 2020 EP Gen for Slagwerk into a more fully-formed pop iteration.

Rain droplets bubble between plucking synths at the start of ‘Water Song’, unfolding modestly into the beat before Bby Eco’s vocals enter in. The subdued electronics and breathy lyrics evoke an intimate setting reminiscent of the trance-redux pop Ecco2k’s 2020 track ‘Don’t Ask’. The song wavers out in its final seconds, leaving a tinge of uncertainty and longing for love in open waters.**

Listen to Bby Eco’s ‘Water Song’ off their upcoming self-released album, Grow!.