MUSSI debuts ‘Racing’ via Petrola 80’s final compilation that reflects on the possibilities between label & artist 

, 12 February 2021

Petrola 80 is releasing compilation Exchange on February 19, with video for ‘MUSSI – Racing’ premiering today on AQNB. The release marks the final iteration of the Copenhagen-based label’s compilation series, which started with Embrace in 2018.

Petrola 80’s Embrace, Expand, Exchange series explores the possibilities between a label and its roster both over time and throughout changing conceptual scenarios. The nearly three-year-old project highlights a few reappearances from artists such as Astrid Sonne, Minias B, and Tristan. Exchange expects collaborations between past contributors, providing a basis for recent additions like MUSSI to realize new horizons for the project in its final moment. The video for ‘Racing’ captures a sentimental tenor with members quavering through an auto dealership’s shadow-like crevices. “I regretted this moment, deep breaking when we parted, now my engine’s getting started,” go the lyrics.**

Petrola 80’s Exchange is out on February 19.