Isengard releases compilation GUILDE with renewed hope for club fantasy on the crooning & ecstatic techno of nitro251’s ‘interruption’

, 4 December 2020

Isengard is releasing compilation ‘GUILDE’ on December 7, with a preview of nitro251‘s ‘Interruption’ track premiering on AQNB today. The Brussels collective’s latest record follows a series of singles and mixes released earlier this year and in 2019 from members including rogergoon, Buga, and Loic Le Hécho.

Originally intended for release earlier in 2020, GUILDE promises a respite from self-isolation and lack of partying normally in abundance across Europe during summertime. “We envisioned this project as an outlet club promising a summer dancing like a fantasy that lingered in everyone’s head” writes Le Hécho in the press release. nitro251’s ‘interruption’ captures that spirit. Synthesized timbres pluck anxiously before dropping into the beat, enveloped by crooning vocal sirens in the distance. The mechanical techno stirs onwards uneasily, however hopeful for what’s to come in the new year.**

Isengard’s GUILDE compilation is out on December 7, 2020.