Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus navigate memory, illusion, & the tragicomedy of misinformation on the Metahaven-produced lyric video for ‘A Circle, A Spiral’

, 28 October 2020

Holly Childs and Gediminas Žygus (fka J.G. Biberkopf) are releasing album Hydrangea via Subtext Recordings on November 20 with a music video for track ‘A Circle, A Spiral’ premiering today on AQNB. The record follows Childs’ writing for Angela Goh’s performance work Uncanny Valley Girl and Žygus’ 2018 ‘HYDRANGEA mix’ for Assemble Papers.

Spoken-word compositions on the permutation of folklore and memory in the post-Anthtropocene, Hydrangea navigates the potential of contemporary conspiracy theories to fabricate realities. In the Metahaven-produced lyric video, Childs, Elif Özbay, and Marijn Degenaar narrate a genesis of time and illusion, the camera gaze fixed upwards on a drain pipe opening into the sky. Žygus’ spritely orchestral instrumentation underscores the melodrama, crudely characterizing the taunting prose as if it were masquerading the sewage wall. “All your dreams will come true,” responds one of the voices.

“But slowly developing the understanding that it might be a joke

Like a sick fucking joke”**

Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus’ Hydrangea is out via Berlin’s Subtext Recordings on November 20, 2020.