Ivy’s ‘sa lina’ captures the melancholy of club-unreadiness in the wilting emotions & heavy feelings of their debut on SPA Recordings

, 11 September 2020

Ivy is releasing EP this 2 shall pass on September 14 via SPA Recordings, with preview track ‘sa lina’ premiering on AQNB today. This is the Berlin-based artists debut solo release following a brief cameo on Iku’s 2018 track ‘Not You Me’ for Creamcake.

Melancholia aptly describes Ivy’s this 2 shall pass, suggesting a certain self-awareness across its intentionally failing club beats that often turn into ambient compositions. The press release describes an animation of wilting emotions, feelings that come through heavily on the stuttered classical guitar samples of ‘sa lina’. Blown out kick drums eviscerate the chopped instrumentation, obscuring the presumed club-readiness of the score.**

Ivy’s this 2 shall pass is out on September 14 via SPA Recordings.