Casey MQ hybridizes ambient & post-club to create a pop-ready ballad on the uplifting production of ‘What About Us’

, 7 August 2020

Casey MQ is releasing album babycasey via Halocline Trance on August 14, with preview track ‘What About Us’ premiering today on AQNB. This record is the full-length pop debut from the Club Quarantine co-founder, a culmination of the artist’s post-club discography that has consistently captured a pop ethos within notable trance and ambient tropes. On babycasey, the club mania is tamed, instead tactfully maximalist and sincerely heartfelt more often than not.

Heavenly arpeggiated melodies set an uplifting tone at the start of ‘What About Us’. Falsetto vocals weave through acid synth bass-lines, evoking the whispery lyricism and sparse production of Terror Jr’s 2016 album Bop City. Cameo appearances of digital sound effects challenge the otherwise conventional composition. As the song begins to conclude, reverberated ambiences of Casey’s vocal hooks transport the listener into another world of possibility.**

Casey MQ’s babycasey is out via Halocline Trance on August 14