Thoom navigates transience & Lebanese heritage on the visceral acoustics of ‘Sound of a Heavy Stone’

, 6 August 2020

Thoom is releasing album Pork via Career Whore on August 7, with preview track ‘Sound of a Heavy Stone’ premiering on AQNB today. This record chronicles the Beirut-born artist’s life so far, refracting the outraged electronics of her 2017 Club Chai EP Blood and Sand into a sonic spectrum that captures a complexity of feeling.

Harsh noise, sentimental guitar, and vocal croons narrate a life swept away from Beirut, through the Midwest United States and onto the hearth of Chicago’s chaotic noise scene. Now in Berlin, Thoom mediates her transitory upbringing across Pork, never abandoning the sound of her ancestral home and its role in defining the album’s tenors. 

‘Sound of a Heavy Stone’ begins in a pool of croaking guitar loops. Subtle electronic distortions crash into each other as Thoom’s reverberated hymns trudge through the instrumentation. The score rumbles onward, simulating visceral breakdown before briefly resting in ambience. A few seconds of silence accentuate melancholic relief.

In light of recent tragic events in Beirut, the proceeds from this single will be donated to Impact Lebanon.**

Thoom’s Pork is out via Career Whore on August 7.