Renick Bell’s ‘Organize & Unite’ brandishes rave algorithms to challenge perception & control

, 17 July 2020

REITEN is releasing compilation ENSō 2020 on July 24, with a preview track by Renick Bell ‘Organize & Unite’ premiering today on AQNB. The Berlin label joined Japanese sound artist Kosei Fukuda to curate a record around the concept of ensō – 円相 – meaning a hand-drawn circle created by one uninterrupted stroke. The ink-painting technique also served as the theme for the ENSō Festival, a two-day audio-visual event by Fukada and REITEN that celebrates improvisational and hyper-rhythmic music.

Renick Bell’s ‘Organize & Unite’ adds a unique dimension to the compilation’s concept. The Tokyo-based artist features his algorithmic rave experimentations, notably developed on 2016 EP Empty Lake for UIQ and 2018 album Wary for Halcyon Veil. Blitzkriegs of calculated code detonate metallic-sounding synth drums, eviscerating all perceivable grooves within the track. The beat regains cohesion before subducting under ambience, protesting perceptive control of the sonic that’s neither afforded to the listener or Bell in his code improvisations.**

REITEN’s ENSō 2020 is out on July 24.