Eterna leans into post-club’s rising wave of emotional fuzz & feedback for the guitar-based grunge with an electronic edge on ‘Moth’

, 13 July 2020

Eterna is releasing EP Evening Came on Shanghai’s Genome 6.66 Mbp on June 16, with preview track ‘Moth’ premiering on AQNB today. The Barcelona-based producer and musician has self-released since 2016, working within the realms of a post-club electronic eclecticism that’s been updated with a grunge and indie-folk palette.

The record joins a growing trend toward more guitar-based electronics and noise music in the online underground, with artists like Alpha Maid, Thegn and Axine M playing with a throwback sound of feedback and distortion echoing 90s and 00s noise pop. Evening Came doubles down on the move toward the more acoustic elements of previous releases to the druggy vocals and fuzz of tracks like ‘Stay’ and ‘Blow’. ‘Moth’, meanwhile, runs on the delicate seesaw of a finger-picked guitar duel that intermittently opens out into contrasts of heavy distortion in a style made famous by Sub Pop bands like Nirvana and Hole.**

Eterna’s Evening Came EP is out on Shanghai’s Genome 6.66 Mbp on June 16, 2020.