The irresistible vocals & up-tempo beats of glaive’s ‘im alright’ characterize the sound of a new generation of online pop stars

, 3 July 2020

glaive is self-releasing single ‘im alright (p. 4evr)’, premiering today on AQNB. The affiliate of the slowsilver03 collective emerged online earlier this year with the debut of their fast-paced hyperpop track ‘petrolman’ in March 2020. Every release since has appeared almost spontaneously. Short-lived singles, with up-tempo beats and utterly irresistible vocal top-lines, advance even the most recent conventions of pop music, characterizing the sound of a new online generation that’s changing the rules and making music more enjoyable for everyone in the process.

This track starts off with clattering one-shot synth sounds. Autotuned lyrics “I don’t really talk about how I’m feeling” unravel over trap beats that distort the headroom, evoking the pessimistic pop of laura les’ 2017 track ‘dumb pics’. The simple composition effortlessly delivers ear-catching moments before coming to a halt. glaive’s ‘im alright’ may be unassuming but will surely have any listener returning for more before they even know it.**

glaive’s ‘im alright (p. 4evr)’ is self-released on July 3.