4va conjures thunderous orchestral landscapes on the tumbling drums & high drama strings of ‘STFX’

, 2 July 2020

4va is self-releasing EP Anaphora on July 9, with preview track ‘STFX’ premiering on AQNB today. This release follows an appearance on Wa?ste’s 2019 record Living Demons on Quantum Natives and mixfile for Canberra-based exhibition space Tributary Projects in 2018, on which percussive outbreaks sporadically rupture unsettling ambiences. The Australian artist continues to develop this style across their latest project.

‘STFX’ begins with nerve-wracking strings, cascading into moments of high drama as thunderous percussion bellows underneath the instrumentation. The dialogue between the quartet and midi-drums conjures a quasi-orchestral sonic landscape that tumbles in on itself before regaining cohesion. These sequences ramble on throughout song before dying under the final wails of stringed intonations.**

4va’s Anaphora is self-released on July 9.