Tijuana’s Benfika comes out of the chaos of spirituality & looks ahead with cautious optimism from within the ruins of ‘Ollin”s orchestral synthesis

, 19 June 2020

Benfika (aka Carlos Marta) is releasing EP Ruinas via Mexico City/Montreal’s Infinite Machine on June 25, with preview track ‘Ollin’ premiering on AQNB today. The Tijuana-based producer dropped their debut 121214 on the label in 2015, establishing the artist’s penchant of ethereal sonic ecologies rooted in an updated ambient electronica.

The new record takes on a more tactile tangibility as its concentrated journeying travels on the pan pipe simulations and layered vocals of ‘Exodexo’, or the IDM fragmentation of a rolling freneticism on ‘Mundo Schizo’. EP closer ‘Ollin’ dials back on the press release’s stated “chaos of spirituality” to the ritual rhythms and watery currents that run into an epic orchestral ending bubbling with cautious optimism.**

Benfika’s Ruinas EP is out via Mexico City/Montreal’s Infinite Machine on June 25, 2020.