Chester Raj Anand conjures a liminal dream-like state on ‘VOICES’, while contemplating isolation & dreams within the urban purgatory of now

, 29 May 2020

Chester Raj Anand (fka Lord RAJA) is releasing debut album Strawberry via Quiet Time on May 29, with preview track ‘VOICES’ premiering on AQNB today. This release transitions away from the artist’s upbringing in the Ghostly Records scene, repurposing the artist’s stripped-back lo-fi aesthetics into pensive ambient works.

While the record recalls a solo trip taken to Japan, Anand shies away from over-incorporating nostalgic cliché. Rather, they evoke a more contemplative and melancholic disposition across the warped field-recordings and saturated tones. ’VOICES’ conjures a liminal dream-like state. Sparse pianissimos toss under up-pitched vocal chops reminiscent of Oneohtrix Point Never’s 2014 track Music For Steamed Rocks. Field-recordings of people on the street momentarily eviscerate the track’s headroom before disappearing completely. These sole elements volley back-and-forth before fading into reverberated, choir-like samples—underscoring a sensation of purgatorial urbanity.**

Chester Raj Anand’s Strawberry is out via Quiet Time on May 29.