Axine M puts forth a distinctive style of modular post-pop discord on the chaotic electronics of ‘𝑟𝐢𝞀𝞀Į𝟈 ⳽Ķ𝟈𝜔’

, 14 May 2020

Axine M is self-releasing EP ꔠ⍺Ⴎ𝜼τ𝟈ḋ ϦƠḋ𝙔 ³³³ on May 16 with preview track ‘𝑟𝐢𝞀𝞀Į𝟈 ⳽Ķ𝟈𝜔’ premiering via AQNB today. The New York-based artist honed their modular style of post-pop, techno, and musique concrète on 2019 mixtape ‘laughing in a different room’ via Kansas City’s c-. ‘𝑟𝐢𝞀𝞀Į𝟈 ⳽Ķ𝟈𝜔’ is a more cohesive continuation of their efforts.

Abrasive synth melodies and granular effects cascade upwards at the start of the track. Vocal top-lines carves a path through the blitzkrieg of modular chaos, evoking Eartheater’s 2018 track ‘Claustra’. Axine M’s ‘𝑟𝐢𝞀𝞀Į𝟈 ⳽Ķ𝟈𝜔’ clearly draws from a breadth of contemporary noise and post-club influences. However, the artist puts forth a notable effort in maintaining their own style of calculated discordance.**

Axine M’s ꔠ⍺Ⴎ𝜼τ𝟈ḋ ϦƠḋ𝙔 ³³³ is self-released on May 16.