online threat blends Canto-pop & post-club motifs on the solemn textural electronics of ‘Unmeasured Nature’

, 7 May 2020

online threat is releasing album Contrapuntal Transfiguration via Hong Kong’s Absurd Trax on May 8, with preview track ‘Unmeasured Nature’ premiering on AQNB today. This project marks the Toronto-based artist’s full-length debut following their release of a Canto-popinspired single and ambient-classical mix file earlier this year.

The record seemingly deconstructs and reappropriates the aforementioned style of Chinese instrumentation into a more harrowing facade, while ‘Unmeasured Nature’ is a liminal landscape of seemingly distorted 90s-era Canto-pop sonics and post-club motifs. Detuned bowed strings cascade upwards at the start of track. Solemn MIDI-synth melodies cruise between textural electronics, periodically breaking under DJ one-shot samples reminiscent of Elysia Crampton’s 2013 mixtape El Sueño Del Forastero.

In the press release, the artist states how the project is a “psychic break willed by the subconscious urge to escape. It is the transportive freedom beyond the somatic, expressed through ritual”. This cerebral liberation appears to be equally defined by homage to bygone eras and the chaos of contemporary life.**

online threat’s Contrapuntal Transfiguration is out via Absurd Trax on May 8.