More Eaze finds comfort in an emergent sense of identity through the delicate pop melodies of ‘progress in therapy (ft. Claire Rousay)’

, 23 April 2020

More Eaze is releasing LP Mari via Ohio’s Orange Milk on Apr 24, with preview track ‘progress in therapy (ft. Claire Rousay)’ premiering on AQNB today. The Austin-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, otherwise known as Mari Maurice, has been releasing music under the aforementioned moniker since 2020, citing bubblegum pop label PC Music, as well as Organ Tapes and Ecco2k as influences.

The album covers a spectrum of delicate introspection, where automatic writing, Auto-Tune and electroacoustic elements err towards the more fragile edges of the bubblegum pop and cloud rap the music so clearly draws on. While tracks like ‘t34rz’, ‘not as afraid of death anymore’ and ‘gender dysphoria trauma bonding’ submerge its samples and lightly distorted synths in a watery ambient, ‘progress in therapy’ is one of the more tactile and immediate numbers. Layered mutterings and drum machines follow a frolicking keyboard hook that pushes into the crumpled vacillations of Claire Rousay’s pitched vocals.**

More Eaze’s Mari LP is out via Ohio’s Orange Milk on Apr 24, 2020.