EEL TANK captures plight amidst anticipating relief within the distorted vocal chants & waspish timbres of ‘CENTER’

, 10 April 2020

EEL TANK and Pamela_and her sons are releasing split LP Neon Dawn via Embalming Lately on April 14 with preview track ‘EEL TANK – CENTER’ premiering on AQNB today. This release benchmarks the New York artist’s erratic lo-fi industrial noise style, which was prominently featured on 2018 record CURE.

Harrowing percussive one-shot samples drag into a flurry of white noise waves and distorted vocal chants akin to The Horrorist’s 2001 track ‘Power Is Force’. Squealing synthesizers and arpeggiators engender a waspish, anxious atmosphere — a sobering contradiction to the otherwise hopeful record title Neon Dawn. As the noise ducks out, it seems that EEL TANK’s ‘CENTER’ captures a plight amidst anticipation of promising relief.

EEL TANK and Pamela_& her sons’ Neon Dawn LP is out via Embalming Lately on April 14