AshTreJinkins channels abrasive anxiety on the lo-fi house experimentations of ‘Get Over It’

, 3 April 2020

AshTreJinkins is releasing A-side/B-side Get Over It via Point Records on April 10, with preview track ‘Get Over It’ premiering on AQNB today. The Compton-based producer honed his up-tempo lo-fi electronic experimentations on a prior release with Apron Records and during time spent in the Low End Theory community.

This track unfolds with wavering and pensive analog synth chord progressions. Distorted percussion samples oscillate wildly over the thud of a singular kick drum. Moments of rhythmic frenzy unleash in a manner reminiscent of Príncipe member DJ Lycox’s 2018 track Domingo Abençoado. Suddenly, the abrasive house beats fizzle out, leaving pure uncertainty as to whether feel uplifted or totally anxious— but, maybe that’s point of ‘Get Over It’.

AshTreJinkins Get Over It is out via Point Records on April 10.