Netsh questions technological singularity on the hypnogogic IDM of ‘We Are Artificial Intelligences’

, 2 April 2020

Netsh is releasing EP Cyberbass Transmission via Comic Sans Records on April 10, with preview track ‘We Are Intelligences’ premiering today on AQNB. The French producer released LP Before Everything Ends : Black Mass & Cybernetic Salvation last year, where the hypnogogic IDM was most recently staged.

This track begins in a pool of soft-synth ambience. Granulated electronic samples make momentary appearances before culminating into pummeling IDM polyrhythms that evoke Aphex Twin’s 2012 track ‘Vordhosbn’. Within the self-described ‘Cyberbass’, the artist contemplates the value of technology in human society. As the melancholic ambient beats slowly fade away, it seems clear that Netsh envisions a less promising outcome: a singularity riddled with dire consequence. **

Netsh’s Cyberbass Transmission is out via Comic Sans Records on April 10.